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YoYo Games Save The Planet Competition

YoYo Games announced there 4th competition entitled ‘The YoYo Games: Save The Planet Competition’ which reminds  me of the comic that was featured GM Weekly issue 3.  This competition features the same rules and prizes that were in all the other YoYo competitions (thats a shocker) , or to quote YoYo directly:

“Same prizes, same rules, new theme.”

The competition page (with more details on this competition) mentions the idea of global warming several times (hint hint).

“Politics: Most of us at YYG believe there’s something to this global warming idea, but we’re not out to indoctrinate our gamers, or game makers. Whatever you believe, it cannot be denied that the debates themselves are important, decisions made here will affect all our lives. If you firmly disagree with the green message then feel free to make a game where the world must be saved from a bunch of crack-pot environmentalists.”

At least YoYo understands the irony of this competition.

“P.s. Yes, we are aware of the irony of using energy-hungry computers to communicate a green message. Better this than 300 games about saving princesses.”

Never the less it will be entertaining to see what unique games people will create. Personally I would like to see a competition with different prizes and a more unique theme. Knowing YoYo they’ll stick to the ‘If it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ moto and keep the competition the way it is I mean I guess it’s working for them. On a side note we have yet to see who won the Co-Operation competition.

What do you think?

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  1. I was going to make a game for this comp, but I am really to busy, don’t have enough time, and do not see me having any chance winning anyway.

    I has a few ideas, all very original; but I would probably not get them finished in time and would lose excitement in the project. This mainly happens with 2D games for me, as I feel that 3D games are much better – In most accepts.


  2. Sandy has said: “Comp03 results should be out soon. Can’t give an exact date as MarkO is away till next week and he won’t let us do anything unless he has a vote !! Problem we’re facing is there are a LOT more good games submitted than in previous competitions. Normally by now we would have a shortlist of 10. At the moment it’s still close to 30 !”

    So still a few days to go.

  3. I’ve already started on my game, but I got a little bored and decided to wait for the official announcement. Now, it’s come, I better start on my game again, which I will.
    Maybe this announcement notes that the results for Comp03 could be released very soon.

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