A funny GM comic

After my comments earlier this week about the pointlessness of puzzles in GameMaker publications I was pleased to see that comics do have a place in GameMaker magazines.

A funny and topical GameMaker themed comic – hurrah!

Taken from GM Weekly #3

What do you think?

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  1. Yeah, I agree Phil. Bob’s comic was out of date by a long way, so it wasn’t as funny as it could have been. I think it’s good to get the timing of the comic right. Maybe it was GMTech’s fault not to release the comic after the GMC had just been updated.

  2. Everyone has strong points. MarkUp are really good with technical articles (so they focus on that, as well as having other sort of content), GMWekly appear to be really good with getting issues out and containing a lot of information (so they focus on that) and so on with other magazines.

    That is the point I was making, we focus of things like this – but not as much as the actual articles and other bits of content that more people like to see. Play to your strengths it what I say.

  3. “I was pleased to see that comics do have a place in GameMaker magazines.”

    I would hardly consider a single, albeit clever comic, as justification for comics having a place in GM magazines.

    GMC members are not known for their sophisticated wit and sense of humour.

  4. Remember not all comics have to be funny – just most of them are. The thing with the comics in GMTech, is that they are seen as a secondary thing.

    If you want to read about reviews, interviews, exclusives, articles etc on GM – then read GMTech. If you want to read a funny comic, pick up a copy of Dandy or whatever.

    The reason for us including comics, is because some people like to see it. Those who don’t, skip right over it.

  5. gamez93,

    While I’m not going to say anything one way or the other about the comics in GM Tech, and while I’ll agree with you in theory about the focus of an excellent magazine that I’m proud to be a contributor for, I’m not sure if “comics isn’t really what we do, so it doesn’t matter” is a particularly valid or compelling argument.

    Granted, not all comics need to be funny– they can be informational, they can be dramatic, they can be just plain weird. But when a comic strip that’s obviously intended to be humourous doesn’t pull it off, it’s doesn’t really equal good comics.

    And again, I’m not– and I will not– comment about specific comics or magazines in a negative way. I’m only speaking to the general point you raised, and the problems I see with it.

  6. I think this is the funniest Game Maker magazine related comic I’ve seen. A lot of the comics don’t quite understand how to structure a joke, and very seldom have no punchline at all. (Not that there can’t be comedy without punchlines– there can, just take a look at some of Tati’s later work.)

    Regardless of how something looks, the important thing in a humourous strip, I think, is that it is humourous.

    And I’d be remiss in my duties as a Michigander if I didn’t drop the name of Matt Feazell, who has taken stick figure comics into the realm of a fine art. (And who is a damn nice man to boot.) He’s worth googling.

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