Kwiklook Magazine discontinued

Darren Poole’s Kwiklook magazine has been discontinued after 2 issues. He hints that he might turn the magazine into a blog: Okay. I’m sorry, but due to my recent laziness, I’ve decided to discontinue KwikLook. Once again, I have failed to keep a magazine running. I guess I was just asking too much of myself… I’m very ashamed of my inability, but I suppose I shouldn’t be so serious about this. I mean, it was Read more…

KwikLook magazine, issue 2

The KwikLook magazine by Darren Poole (previously known for GMWeekly) has released its April issue (number 2), featuring 13 pages of content. (Direct download link) Kwiklook’s writing team now also includes GMB blogger Matt Scorah (scoz), as a reviewer. Hello and welcome to the second issue of KwikLook. This month, we’ve made some big changes due to thefantastic feedback we had from you. I must say a big “thank you” for making it a pleasure Read more…

GMWeekly returns as “Kwiklook Magazine”

Darren Poole’s abruptly halted GMWeekly magazine is dead, but the man is back with another magazine project, KwikLook. The issue #1 of the new magazine features 8 pages of content. This will be a monthly “publication”. GMWeekly’s Game Maker… Dudes! comic returns. But seriously – 8 pages for a monthly magazine? Not off to a good start. Your opinions?

GMWeekly and Magazine Stats

Darren Poole has released his sixth issue of GMWeekly (mediafire dl) – one day late. This means that GMWeekly has now released as many issues as GameMaker Scope. If Weekly continues to release on-time it will have reached its 20th issue by the end of the year making it the GameMaker magazine which has released the most issues ever. Obviously it should be noted that the magazines all have different release schedules, so we would Read more…

A funny GM comic

After my comments earlier this week about the pointlessness of puzzles in GameMaker publications I was pleased to see that comics do have a place in GameMaker magazines. A funny and topical GameMaker themed comic – hurrah! Taken from GM Weekly #3

Persistence presence of puzzles perplexes me

GameMaker Tech have dropped them, MarkUp have never had them, but the smaller and less established magazines love them – I’m talking about word puzzles and games. The kind of things you would expect to find on the back of newspapers or in a young child’s comic. The crosswords, wordsearches, mazes and spot the differences of the GameMaker magazine world.

GMWeekly issue 2

One week after the launch of his first issue, Darren Poole has released the second of his GameMaker Weekly pdf magazine – on time and on schedule. As well as community news the short newsletter style publication also features a review of puzzle game Elimod + Dagros. Download GMWeekly issue 2 (left click).

Yet another magazine surfaces

This time it’s “GMWeekly”. Featuring 3 pages of content, this venture by GMC user DPoole doesn’t seem to exactly be taking a good start. Hello and welcome to a brand new publication, brought to you for free every Friday by me, Darren Poole. This succinct weekly periodical will encompass numerous things in the future, including: news bulletins, game reviews, game design issues, GameMaker help and tutorials, exclusive interviews, some quick puzzles and other things that Read more…