Yet another magazine surfaces

This time it’s “GMWeekly”. Featuring 3 pages of content, this venture by GMC user DPoole doesn’t seem to exactly be taking a good start.

Hello and welcome to a brand new publication, brought to you for free every Friday by me, Darren Poole. This succinct weekly periodical will encompass numerous things in the future, including: news bulletins, game reviews, game design issues, GameMaker help and tutorials, exclusive interviews, some quick puzzles and other things that I may come up with. I hope to incessantly enhance the newsletter until it meets your required quality. Enjoy the first issue of GMWeekly!

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  • Fancy that, I’ve never actually come across someone with the same last name or at least the same last name I use online that is.

  • “brought to you for free every Friday
    I’ll believe that when I see it.

    Looking at the first issue I believe it would be better as blog material – in fact most of the content has been featured here on GMB or on other blogs.

  • Still, kudos to him for at least looking like he put some effort into it; I think a weekly journal would greatly benefit the Game Maker community as a whole if the quality were good and if it were a bit longer, this issue looked decent, so hopefully he’ll improve it and get some actual content. A journal or any full publication isn’t really a one-man job though.

  • Why wait to the end of the week to get the news. When all of it is posted on GMB, GMNews, YYG, 64D or GMC. They can all be accessed using Simon’s or Robin’s

  • RED ALERT! Will Host for Food is….gasp, dark gray listed!

    “Reported Attack Site!

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  • I don’t think I can bear it. I’m not even going to download the thing. “succinct”? “incessantly enhance”? “required quality”? The English teacher inside of me is killing himself.

    I’m sorry, but anyone who tries to use big words when he clearly cannot needs to fix his style before I even glance at his scrawl.

    @gamez93 and Tom Russell: Watch it gamez. XD

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