Oh it’s V3

The ever growing community site, Snowmoons, has finally released what they call V3 of the site.

Not much information has been released on what has exactly been changed. However from first glance you can see they had a complete redesign and they also fixed up some coding.

The ‘Forum’ is still under construction. Lets hope it stays that way, what use is it having a forum that is for discussions and also have blogs that are for discussions? Think about it.

Firefly’s comments on SM said…

My current rating for the site is 9/10 which is good since I rate 64digits 2/10 (I gave them 2 because it’s funny how melee sat on the recent submissions).
Firefly’s Blog

What are your thoughts, comments, etc… Just post them here.

Website Link:

BTW: Thanks Firefly’s for the idea for the title.

What do you think?

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