5 Million GMA Impressions

The GameMaker Affiliation Service has now served over 5,000,000 button impressions!

Here are some stats collected through the service on the way to 5 million button impressions. Includes browser/OS usage of people viewing the banners, country reach and total impressions per month.

This data is collected from a large number of GameMaker websites so the information gives an insight into GameMaker users worldwide.

Download: GMA-5M-Stats.xls

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  1. Only 0.9 of a credit is given out for each button display – this was originally done to prevent members with popular sites hoarding up a large bank of credits that would never be used.

    However I have just realised that this is not mentioned anywhere on the site at all (my mistake), and the service has grown significantly since 0.9 was introduced, so I have now altered it to a straight 1:1 exchange ratio. Apologies.

  2. I’m pleased to report that the GMA affiliation has driven some traffic to my blog.

    I curious about something though, the stats seem to be a bit off.

    it says:
    “On your website you have shown 4,506 button impressions…”

    “Your banners have been displayed 4,056 times on other members’ websites…”

    “You currently have 0 credits in your account.
    1 Credit = 1 display of your banner on another member’s website.”

    Shouldn’t the Credits be 450?

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