GM Fetch comes to an ending

It appears Gm Fetch is already ending after just one issue. Gamma6 announced that GM Fetch is coming to a closing quite surprising after only one, four page issue.

I will probably reuse the name for an upcoming program I am making.

Some of his reasons include.

– Sandy Duncan never responded to our interview questions, even though agreeing to take part. I understand he is a busy man.
– FredFredRickson never replied to our countless reminders even after he agreed to take part in interview.
– Phillip Gamble didn’t really help, and always focused on what was negative by posting bad comments in his blog.
– I don’t really get much response from the team
– We got a pathetic 90 downloads when issue 1 of GMM got over 130 downloads, 40 more than us.
– More people hate GM Fetch than like it, so I have little motivation to donate hard work to people who don’t care.

My question to you guys is; do you even care if GM Fetch is ending? Does anyone care if they come back? My opinion is that GM Fetch is just another failed magazine trying to compete with the big guys.

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  • You should have thought about whether you would have time before you released the first issue.

  • If the world had no critics, it would be a very different place. To earn the respect of readers, creators of such magazines need to prove the critics wrong by constantly improving their works.

    Many of you are blaming the writers of GMB for effectively “killing off” GM Fetch by slating the author. In truth, that’s what they’re here to do. If you can’t respect someone’s opinion/critique, you’ll lose out 😛

    [wow, verbal diarrhoea]

  • I don’t think people should make such negative comments when someone decides to quit working on a magazine. I have been working on GMTech since October 2006 and it takes a lot of strength to actually keep going when you receive negative comments from time to time.

    Well done on actually trying to make a magazines and making it to a release date, I guess we will never see that interview with Sandy.

  • @Broxter – Your comments seem a bit ‘rich’ coming from you. I think you should calm down on your comments after some of the previous things you have done.

  • “My question to you guys is; do you even care if GM Fetch is ending? Does anyone care if they come back? My opinion is that GM Fetch is just another failed magazine trying to compete with the big guys.”
    You seem to be taking a very harsh line on the matter Danny.

  • Well I am actually quite surprised that GM Fetch has quit because I thought that they did have some potential. I think he should have waited longer for the interviews to come in, or he should have planned them earlier, and if he never got them, then he should have just not included them in Issue 2. Also, he should have tried to ignore the negative comments from Phil, although they were extremely harsh. As well as that, he should have kept at the magazine to see if people eventually came to like the magazine. He was very unpatient and unprofessional. I did actually want to read the second issue to see how it had improved, but he decided against even releasing a primative version of it. You never know, some people may have liked the 2nd issue. I don’t have much respect for people who give up so easily, but I am bothered that it is ending.

    That was my largest ever post by a long way on this blog. 🙂


  • I probably will finish issue 2 and let people download it…but whether people hate it or like it, I am stopping. Like I said, maybe in the future. I need to finish more important things first, then plan before I do anymore work on GM Fetch. If I ever decided to continue, it wouldn’t be for a good year.

  • I agree that considering he was a small magazine that only had one issue he shouldn’t be asking the big guys for interviews.

  • I’m not suprised in the least bit, and, to be honest, I don’t care. The creator was impatient, and rushed his first issue. He then proceeded to complain that none of the big players around Gamemaker are willing to have an Interview, when he only had 4 pages in his first issue.

  • I care that GMFetch is ending.. but I don’t know why. I was not a fan, but its not a nice thing to see the hard work of someone just ending. Still, it would’ve been rather better if such “hard work” didn’t beign in the first place as an indepndent entity and was rather focused on enlarging and enhancing the hard work of others.

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