Karoshi in Flash and on the iPhone?

In an interview published yesterday on The Auntie Pixelante blog 21 year old Jesse Venbrux, perhaps better known by his GMC alias of 2Dcube, announced that along with 2 of his classmates he has created a Flash version of his popular suicide game Karoshi.

The Flash version of Karoshi will be sold to the highest bidder, describing the process Jesse said “it’s really neat how it works. there’s a site where you can put up your flash game and sponsors can bid on it“.

Jesse also announced that he was considering making an iPhone-compatible version of the game, “I’m gonna talk with someone soon about doing an iPhone version“.

Karoshi and its sequel Karoshi 2 are both staff picks at YoYo Games and have been played over 50,000 times. I’ve tipped Karoshi Factory to win a prize in YoYo Games’ co-operation competition.

What do you think?

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  1. So he has finally publicly released it then, well, in a buyers seance.
    I heard about this a fair while ago [from some anonymous source – What? The person who posted above me? No way 😉 ]
    Well I think that people may pay a bit to get this flash version of the game on there site – I would think.

    An i-phone version? Why not just make it with Java and have it running on multiple phones; instead of just Apples i-phone.


  2. Hehe, I already knew about this. I’ve even played the Flash version!
    It is pretty good, but the levels are more like Karoshi Factory than 2.0. The graphics are neat and it’s really cool playing it in Flash. The physics have been nicely matched to the game made in GM.
    Jesse could make some good money off this. I really hope he does – he deserves it.
    Good luck Jesse…

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