AdSense for Games

Google have launched a beta of their in-game advertising solution, dubbed “AdSense for games”.

The program makes it easy to display ads in placements the game creator defines, such as before a game, after a level, or when the game is over. The beta is currently only accepting publishers with high traffic levels.

I am not aware of the requirements needed to use adverts within your games, but the examples so far appear to be flash games.

An example of how the in-game advertising will look can be seen in the video below:

YoYo Games have still not released any further news on the in-game advertising they announced they were considering introducing in February of this year.

3 Replies to “AdSense for Games”

  • Here’s the current requirements taken from the Google application page:

    1. Game plays: Minimum 500,000 per day
    2. Game types: Web-based Flash only
    3. Integration: Must be technically capable of SDK integration
    4. Traffic source: Must be 80% US & UK Traffic
    5. Content: Family safe and targeted at users age 13 and up
    6. Distribution: Must be able to report embed destination and have control over where games are distributed

  • Cool. Let’s hope that they consider letting lesser known, non-Flash users use the system. Though I doubt it.

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