[Made In GameMaker] PurpleBit Surfing Cow by Heavy Sheep Games

Like the idea of catching waves? As a cow? A purple cow with sunglasses on? I hope you do because a brand new Made in GameMaker game: PurpleBit Surfing Cow is out on Google Play store and it is completely Free to play with no ads or in app purchases at all. A true tribute to Purple Cow Studio which has a diverse and great community behind it and I personally wanted to know a Read more…

[Indie Interview] Heavy Sheep Games with Luiz Gustavo

Putting the Cow in Cowabunga, Indie Game Studio Heavy Sheep Games launches their debut game: PurpleBit Surfing Cow on Google Android complete with you guessed it: A purple cow on a surfboard! I had to sit down and talk with Luiz Gustavo who leads the Heavy Sheep Games team to find out about the creators of such a unique game and get some insights on how they developed a game like this. PurpleBit Surfing Cow Read more…

[Indie Interview] uZombie made in GameMaker!

Today I sit down with Indie Developer: Jonathon Colibaba to talk about his new android game: uZombie, a unique mobile RPG where you are not just a zombie but a Zombie Leader with intelligence. There is a myriad of features and things to do: Turn civilians, police and military into your own undead army, level up your character to gain better armor and abilities and watch as the city attempts to fight back. Jon developed Read more…

Exclusive Interview With The Creator Of GameMaker

Today we’re joined by Professor Mark Overmars, the creator of GameMaker. Continue reading for the full interview.

Russell Kay Interviewed On Microsoft Development Radio

Following a recent interview with CEO Sandy Duncan, YoYo Games CTO Russell Kay has also been interviewed on Microsoft Development Radio, using the time to explain his view on the differences between using ‘Drag & Drop’ and code in GameMaker. You can watch the video below.

Sandy Duncan Interviewed On Microsoft Development Radio

In a video released by Microsoft Development Radio, CEO Sandy Duncan of YoYo Games has spoken of the potential that GameMaker holds for Windows developers as well as outlining several large developments users can look forward to. You can watch the video below.

Comment: YoYo Abandoning Game Maker Roots?

Game Maker is changing rapidly. Gone are the days of ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro’. For the veterans of Game Maker, the nostalgic days where users would refer to the paid version as ‘full’ and when Softwrap hadn’t yet dipped its troublesome hand into community, are a world away. Future Game Maker users will be given more choice, able to select one or more of four editions to suit their needs. Game Maker Studio, HTML5, Mac, or Read more…

GameMaker Tech 14: YoYo Games Exclusive + Win GameMaker 7 Pro

It’s here – the first magazine to have a YoYo Games exclusive – and it took more than year and a half after they appeared on the scene for anyone to do one. Below is an outline of some of the content, but I expect most people will want to go straight to page 20. Download GMTech 14: from GMT – direct pdf link from SaveFile.com (pdf, adverts)