GameMaker runner in C++ almost complete

on May 23, 2008 - 6526 Views

GMFetch, formerly a magazine now a blog, have finally heard back from Sandy at YoYo Games regarding some questions they asked about the Game Maker decompiler.

Oh, and GMFetch, judging from the photo below Sandy Duncan is most definitely male 😉

YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan

There has been a lot of fuss about the decompiler. What actions are YoYo taking?
“I think there’s maybe been a little bit too much fuss about this decompiler. There will always be a few idiots who will try to upload a game they didn’t create, but the mods can handle most of that if it happens on the YYG website. The biggest problem with the decompiler is for people who want to make money from their games.

“Mark (Overmars) has identified several ways in which we can make games considerably more secure in future. We’ve almost finished rewriting the runner in C++ and we will use this as the basis for introducing new ways of preventing games from being decompiled.”

A local GMC user claims that his game was decompiled by another GMC user. What’s your response to this?
“He should raise this issue with the moderators. If a game that has been copied gets uploaded to the YYG website we have ways of telling who originally created the game. If we find this, then it will likely end in a total ban from both the GMC and YoYo Games. We will also try to make sure that other sites such as 64digits are aware of who these people are and encourage them to take action.”

Do you have a message for readers that use the decompiler?
“Firstly , I’d say “don’t get used to it” it’s lifespan will be confined to existing versions of GM.

Secondly, There’s a difference between “use” and “exploit”. If anyone tries to “exploit” the tool by copying games and uploading them as their own, then this is theft. I know it bothers the GMC sometimes…but YoYo Games is a BUSINESS and we will use the law if we have to to protect our business if we feel it’s being threatened. We have investor’s money at risk and they will expect this.

“Finally, we’re working on a lot of very interesting new features for both the site and for Game Maker that will render this decompiler as useless….”

Whats your view on the decompiler. Do you think its amazing they cracked GM’s exporting system, or pathetic and a big waste of time.
“I think it’s overrated, an annoying distraction and it will become pretty useless in only a few months.”

Source: GMFetch

The majority of this is unsurprising, however the update on the progress of re-writing the Game Maker runner in C++ could be welcome news to many who have wondered what YoYo Games have been getting up to so far this year.

And YoYo games are still yet to release a patch to prevent an issue which has been dominating the Game Maker Community in recent months. Considering YoYo appear so happy to comment on the decompiler on their glog and in this interview I am surprised and disappointed that they have done yet come up with a fix.

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21 Responses to GameMaker runner in C++ almost complete

  1. blaster339 says:

    The game “AWESOME GETAWAY” would be perfect for the PSP

  2. CoolGamrSms says:

    “C++, Isn’t that the hardest Programming language out there?!? Even VB is giving me a headache. 0.O”


  3. Nate says:

    C++, Isn’t that the hardest Programming language out there?!? Even VB is giving me a headache. 0.O

  4. Broxter says:

    YEP! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooooooooooooo earrrrrrrrrrrrrrrly. 😀

  5. Timoi says:

    Yup you did. Waaaay too early.

  6. Nateistoraw says:

    Okay great, but thoughts and facts are completely diffrent topics and categories. Thanks anyway. I asked tooo early.

  7. Gamma6 says:

    lol. How would you know that?

    He doesn’t. And because GM8 hasn’t even come out yet, I don’t think anybody will actually know. I don’t know why you even ask. However, I think it would be stupid if it didn’t read .gmk.

  8. gamez93 says:

    Probably just trouble with the host.

  9. gamez93 says:

    It seems the website/blog is completely down.

  10. Timoi says:

    No, YOU can’t use .gmks on GM8. However I can.

  11. Nateistoraw says:

    I know, wtf happened? Another funeral?

  12. Nateistoraw says:

    lol. How would you know that?

  13. Nateistoraw says:

    I only use my coding. I am trying to ask. Can i use my .gmk on gm8?

  14. Phil Gamble says:

    Maybe they know something we don’t… 😛

  15. Timoi says:

    And also, why are they “her last thoughts”? Is ‘she’ never going to think again?

  16. Timoi says:

    Oh lol, how professional: “Sandy speaks her last thoughts”! Haha! These reporters are certainly well informed.

  17. Gamma6 says:

    No, he uses other peoples code probably.

  18. Nateistoraw says:

    with the new gm runner can we still use our old gm editables? I dont want to have to recode my whole game.

  19. Gamma6 says:

    “Sandy speaks her last thoughts”

    Oh thats just because Sandy is obviously getting fed up with all these interviews and questions about the decompiler that I doubt he will want to rewrite what he just said again to satisfy another blog or magazine. Also the title is:

    “Decompiler – Sandy speaks her last thoughs”

    Oh and sorry aobut the ‘her’ thing, I knew HE was a GUY but I was in a rush, and it has come out badly. I hope HE didn’t see it. XD

  20. Danny says:

    I think there is some very poor wording choices GM Fetch used in there interview

    Whats your view on the recompiled. Do you think its amazing they cracked GM’s exporting system, or pathetic and a big waste of time

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