It’s Official – Digital Store Will Replace GameMaker Sandbox

Today YoYo Games, the developers of GameMaker Studio, officially announced their plan to replace the GameMaker Sandbox with a digital store. While the sandbox used to be a popular destination for gamers and developers alike, in recent years it has been neglected by YoYo Games and subsequently become obsolete. GameMaker Sandbox is being replaced with a new service called GameMaker Player. Read on for more information.

Poll – Would You Pay A Monthly Fee To Use GameMaker?

Sandy Duncan, CEO of YoYo Games, has said that he supports a monthly subscription model for use of the GameMaker software. Presumably, a subscription model would provide cheaper initial access to functionality that is already offered at set prices, such as exporting to platforms like iOS, Android, and HTML5. We’ve included a poll to measure community support for the idea. Cast your vote below!

Sandy Duncan Interviewed On Microsoft Development Radio

In a video released by Microsoft Development Radio, CEO Sandy Duncan of YoYo Games has spoken of the potential that GameMaker holds for Windows developers as well as outlining several large developments users can look forward to. You can watch the video below.

Softwrap used “mostly” for Payment Options

“Once it’s cracked, it’s cracked. You can’t keep trying to stop them. We use DRM mostly to give payment options…[1]” – YoYo Games CEO. If you want to find a Game Maker 8 Pro crack online you can, it really isn’t hard so I amazed at the number of people that end up here looking for one. But surely it is in YoYo Games’ interest to at least try to stop some of this.  I Read more…

Stencyl compares itself to GameMaker

One of the founders of the currently under development game creation kit Stencyl has commented on the responses given by YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan in his recent interview with the GameMaker Tech magazine. On his blog Jon from Stencyl highlights the vast differences between the commercial YoYo Games and their self-funded ‘hobby’. “…while competition is an inevitable part of any business, let’s remind ourselves that we’re not out to “beat” Game Maker. We’re here Read more…

GameMaker Tech 14: YoYo Games Exclusive + Win GameMaker 7 Pro

It’s here – the first magazine to have a YoYo Games exclusive – and it took more than year and a half after they appeared on the scene for anyone to do one. Below is an outline of some of the content, but I expect most people will want to go straight to page 20. Download GMTech 14: from GMT – direct pdf link from (pdf, adverts)

YYG results by Thursday

Sandy Duncan has written on the YoYo Games blog that the results of YoYo Games’ competition will be announced “NO LATER than 5 pm UK time on Thursday”. The co-operation themed competition was YoYo’s third and had attracted over 275 entries. The winner will receive $1000, with a second-place prize of $500 and $250 for the creator of the third best game. Here is my pick of some of the best games entered into the Read more…

Malware attack at the GMC

UPDATE: The situation is now over, and the iframe has been removed. Google will still list the GMC as a “malicious website” until they recrawl it. Some users at the official Game Maker Community have today reported receiving warnings from their antivirus software or web-browsers when viewing the forum. The alerts are triggered from an iframe which appears to have been maliciously inserted in the forum header and were first reported at around 1:10pm BST.