Gamemaker Magazine becomes Gamemaker Scope Magazine

GMM has announced a new issue of their magazine, with a new name of Gamemaker Scope Magazine.

Issue 5 is the November issue (?) and features a new layout and 36 pages of content.

Download it here.

What do you think?

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  1. There used to be a magazine called Scope here in South Africa, during apartheid. It was the closest thing we had to a girly magazine, due to censorship laws.

    Sorry, that was off-topic. Will read the magazine and make a proper comment tomorrow.

  2. The first two paragraphs sentence just about sums it up

    Could you actually cross platform a Gamemaker game? This question has been asked on the GMC (and off) hundreds of times
    First of all, what is cross platforming, well, cross-platformingis where you can have a game for instance on one platform, like Microsoft’s Windows, then it will also work on a different platform, like the Apple Mac platform, but sometimes or most of the time, re-writing some of the game is required.

    When comparing GMM/GMSM to the other gamemaker magazines we have the quality just makes me want to…

    and this was the release. I saw the first draft.

  3. Just a future tip: if not enough resoruces are available for research, do not write a topic. Unless you have the sufficient information, there is no need to share factoids you’re unsure of. This is a common mistake though, but you should try to overcome it with time.

  4. Maybe I could have done more research on the topic, although there was not much available. Thanks for the comment though, I hope that as the magazine ages, the content becomes more in-depth.

    Thanks to you also NAL, I don’t think that it is the issue viewers, I think that there was just to much content to read though and find every singal error.
    But thank you very much about the comment on the improvements on the magazine as it grows! 🙂


  5. You might need to employ a (new?) spelling/grammar checker. The amount I found while simple scanning through some of the content easily rose into the hundreds. Example: if two of the anagram answers were ACTION SHOOTER and KAROSHI, you omitted/added letters from them (I think the real anagrams would spell ACTION SOOTER and KAROSHRI). Furthermore, you can’t apologise that the wordsearch only has four words because the rest of the magazine was so much work. A few days ago I made one for personal amusement, containing over 40 words. It took me half an hour to compile.

    Although, yes, it’s an improvement from Issue 4, and a huge leap forward from Issue 1, there are still so many things that need touching up.

  6. “Sorry to hear that you may have not liked the ‘Cross-platforming GameMaker’ article.” — Mattthew_H

    It’s not a question of me not liking it or not. It’s about you not knowing what you are writing about.

  7. I should mention something, it is not the November issue.
    Magazines have the month of the cover as an expiry date for the issue – when the next issue should be realsed.

    Sorry to hear that you may have not liked the ‘Cross-platforming GameMaker’ article.

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