Bye-Bye GameMaker Blog?

YoYo Games decided to mention the release of GameMaker magazines (GameMaker Tech 2 days late).

I must admit I am a little confused following the merger of The YoYo Games and Mark’s blog. The result appears to deliver a strange mix of YYG updates, GameMaker tips and requests to GameMaker users – and now apparently community news.

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  • A health mix is great, I like reading both sides of the story. Plus you might post info about Engima. I doubt you’ll see that on the YoYogames blog.


  • @Phil Gamble – I have the answer to the highscore question…. wait to Issue 14.

    At the end of the game, it is a blog about GM. They are the official blog, your just a blogger. There not greedy, this is what they should have been doing all along. Updating users on all things GM.

  • […] Is this good or bad? It’s great to see that YoYo Games is keeping the public up to date with almost daily announcements and news-bits and it means the company is listening to its users. It does however create competition, and with their latest news post on the release of GM Tech’s Magazine, they’re starting to become a bit GMNews-y. Since they are the ‘official’ source of news, it makes it a little more difficult for independent sites like GMNews and Game Maker Blog to stay afloat as Phil Gamble points out with his latest post entitled “Bye-Bye Game Maker Blog?“ […]

  • The Game Maker Blog is easily the best source of GM and community news, entertainment and commentary.

    The YYG’s glog is the definitive source for many things, but it can’t be counted on for fair and balanced, non-public relations commentary.

    But you already knew that

  • It seems as though YoYo wants to be in complete control of the community. First, they took over the game list sites, then they took over the competitions, then they made their own wiki, now they want to be the main blog site too.

    I think they’re being a bit greedy. That, or they don’t know how to make Game Maker 8 and are using all their free time making sub-par web entities 😛


  • Nah, GMB has to stay. While it’s great that YoYo Games are keeping the glog active, it’s always nice to have an informal view on stuff (being official, of course, there are many things YYG can’t say).

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