Why should I ever visit your site?

I took my daily visit to the GMC today to find a new PM in my PM box. It was yet again a mass PM to get people to join another ‘’ based site. The PM stated:

“Excuse me,
If you have a team assembled please upload your games past, present, and future games at and maybe sign up for one of our quarterly competitions, this is a new site so please be one of the first members!
– Rich Y. / Zarzx”

So I replied with a common message I send to PM spammers that stated.

“Maybe you should make a topic rather than PM spam which I may add make you look like a noob. Which is also why I won’t even bother to click the link you just sent me.

Instantly I received a PM stating:

“go **** your kitten”

Now why I would ever visit a site where the creator tells me to ‘go **** my kitten’ I have no idea. Nor do I see why people think a PM spam is okay. Never the less I received ‘epic lolz’ from this and figured I could share them with you.

What do you think?

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  1. Good lord. The website itself is pretty ugly, and it’s just a forum.

    Definition of blog: A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.
    Do you not consider this a [Rather humorous] Personal THought?

  2. j00Z $|-|0ULD |-|4><0r |-|1$ $173$ /\/\41|\|Phr4/\/\3 4|\|D 91\/3 |-|1/\/\ L337 |<1773|\| pr0|\|.

    (So I found a noob translator online as evidenced above, maybe this will help you interpret his reasoning for spamming.)

    Message to everyone: Learn to make a decent site before bugging people for members. (Okay, so I’m guilty of shameless advertising too, but I’m pretty glad to say I’ve never spammed anyone before).

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