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YoYo Games virus scanner giving false positives?

True or not? What do you think happened? Is he just plain lying, did he unintentionally get infected or is it a real false positive?

In theory, I think it’s possible that the virus scanner at YYG could be detecting false positives in games because in the past, Game Maker was used to make a virus.

But since there is no info (?) on how the virus scanning at YYG works, I guess there’s no way to tell.

What do you think?

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  1. It happens that AV give false positives depending on with which definition is currently updated. So in the morning with Definition A antivirus program may deem something infectuous, and in the evening, after being updated with Definition B, same program considers same very file clean.

  2. I’ve gotten false positives from my AV before using files that had similar signatures to a certain virus (I was developing an application for the Nintendo DS and my AV went crazy, even though I had written nearly every line of code myself and knew it was not a virus, turns out the apps signature was similar to a virus that was made to brick DS’s)
    – Leif

  3. Could be, but the issue is that the “same game” passes and fails randomly. I don’t know how valid that is, but according to what I’ve been told, the same game, with virtually no edits, once passed and once failed the test, when uploaded by two different members.

    The member who wasn’t able to upload the game was PREVIOUSLY able to, i.e. he uploaded previous versions just fine. So its either a recent trojan on his PC that attached to the zip/exe, or its a completely random thing indeed.

  4. A similar thing occurred for one of the entrant games in the Game Maker Race. The YYG virus apparently makes mistakes.

    I’m sure the YYG virus checker doesn’t detect the GM virus signature, cause that’d detect all gm games.

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