GMTV 3 detailed review

Eggers. Dan Eggers. …by everybody’s favorite [sic] writer. I have to say, to begin this with, the third episode greatly increased the quality of GMTV compared to the past two episodes. I won’t be jumping into the technical aspects until the end — I’ll focus on the content.

The main content in this episode is reviewing the 10 “best games” for YoYo Games’ winter competition. The review system seems to have changed according to the criticism received.

During the reviews, the sound mixing often got a bit poor, making the narrator hard to hear [times slid to the technical side: 1].

The reviews did get a bit boring to watch: I’d liken if there would have been other content in the middle of the reviews. Oh well.

And I realized something that still hasn’t been fixed. Here we go:

“Are you after exclusives, Game Reviews, Devloment [sic] Devloment Articles, lol. Articles and Free Sound Resources? Not to mention interesting interviews, then look no further, because Game Maker Technology has all that, plus…”

Eh. In any case, the reviews did not seem flawed any more: GMTV “balanced” the review process well. Graphics, gameplay and sound are all addressed: there’s also a review of how well it fits into the “winter competition” theme.

Something that disturbed me while Danny was on screen how he looked like he was looking at something above the camera. Oh well.

Den Bodge with his handsome lava lamp. As for the interview with Bendodge, nice lava lamp. I’ve always wanted one, but I realized I’d just manage to break it in one way or another it’s at the end of the episode. Featuring basically questions about Scorptek (I like to call it “”), what he does in the community and then some filler questions and a small joke. Not too interesting.

That sums up this month’s episode. Reviews and an interview. While the content was decent, I would have liked to see much more than just reviews. How about tutorials? “Video editorials” or something similar? Three stars (out of five).

…technical side: I don’t know why they call the “high quality” video “high quality” when you can barely see most of the text onscreen due to compression artifacts. Not only that, it somehow looks to me like the video source material has already been horribly compressed. 0 points, guys! And the volume issue, too.

And a small ending note. If you post a comment that basically sums up the words “f**k”, “you” and “tuntis” (that’s not a word though), it will be deleted. (Just in case, seeing from what you guys have done to some other posts of mine!)

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  • That GMTech advert really sounds like an advert for some sort of drug, or one of those exercise/lose weight things. No offense to anyone. That’s just my opinion.

  • It looks like it might be being recorded from a digital camera source, eg, with a digital camera with one of those “video” features. In that situation, there can’t be a high quality, because of initial compression.


  • @Tuntis- Thank you tons for this honest review. We really rely on criticism to make episodes better. When you said, “Something that disturbed me while Danny was on screen how he looked like he was looking at something above the camera. Oh well.” that was because the camera was aiming up (the tripod was broken and re-glued at that time) we will hope to add more to each episode maybe some tutorials. We have started the implement new things (one being the interview)Thanks again.

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