Persistence presence of puzzles perplexes me

GameMaker Tech have dropped them, MarkUp have never had them, but the smaller and less established magazines love them – I’m talking about word puzzles and games. The kind of things you would expect to find on the back of newspapers or in a young child’s comic. The crosswords, wordsearches, mazes and spot the differences of the GameMaker magazine world.

The irrelevant, pointless, space fillers that they have become. How are we meant to complete a crossword on a static pdf? Screenshot it and draw on it in paint? Print it out?

I do not wish to single out any particular magazine for the puzzles they contain but below is a screenshot of a puzzle included in a recently released GameMaker magazine – a crossword/wordfill with 5 answers.

A bit of fun – possibly, but do we really need GameMaker themed puzzles?

I await the first GameMaker themed Sudoku with anticipation.

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