GMWeekly or not so

Last Friday Darren Poole’s GMWeekly magazine did not publish an issue and earlier today Darren confirmed that an issue would not be released today either, instead promising that issue 13 will be released tomorrow as well as a reason for the delay. Whilst it may widely be considered that releasing a second issue is the biggest hurdle when producing a Game Maker magazine, even successful magazines such as GMTech and MarkUp took 2 months to Read more…

Persistence presence of puzzles perplexes me

GameMaker Tech have dropped them, MarkUp have never had them, but the smaller and less established magazines love them – I’m talking about word puzzles and games. The kind of things you would expect to find on the back of newspapers or in a young child’s comic. The crosswords, wordsearches, mazes and spot the differences of the GameMaker magazine world.

The 4 GameMaker magazines

Recently we have seen new releases from the three of the magazines devoted to the GameMaker platform. GameMakerTech and MarkUp are the publications that have released the most issues to date with 13 and 14 magazines respectively. New this year are two magazines – out with the lack of originality and in with a brand of mouthwash made by Procter & Gamble for Matthew Haigh’s magazine with 5 issues out since February. Appearing in August Read more…

Russell’s Quarterly – Issue 3

The third issue of Tom Russell’s Russell’s Quarterly magazine focusing on game development past and present has been released ahead of schedule. The cover feature this time around, “God Games”, is not in reference to the popular genre but to a decidedly less-popular one: games about religion and faith. The cover thought piece not only discusses some religious games and profiles the prominent Christian game developer Wisdom Tree, but also uses that as a spring-board Read more…

GMTech 12: The Review

GameMakerTech Issue 12 was released on May 29th – for details and to download click here. Following the much improved magazine design introduced for issue 11 GameMaker Tech was looking the slickest of all GameMaker magazines. However I think that this, the second issue to have this new layout, is more important as it will better reflect the progress made at GameMaker Tech.

Why I dislike GM Fetch

When the first issue of this magazine came along at the end of March I was surprised at the positive reviews it was getting at the GMC considering it had only four pages of content. They are arrogant – slogganing their magazine with the phrase “Its not about beating the competition – because we’ve already won”, which they also managed to mis-quote on their blog.