GameMaker Tech: Issue 13

Two days after the release of a short sample, GameMaker Tech have released their full 13th issue.

Direct pdf link (5.5MB)

This latest offering includes:

  • Game development articles focusing on using Cut-scenes in games and the use of colours in your games
  • Interviews with hotshotscott about Halo Revolution and homebrewpc about
  • Articles on developing for the casual gamer and targeting a game to a specific age group
  • Free applications that will help improve your Game Making development.
  • Guidelines to building a website for your game
  • plus of course the usual game reviews and community news.

Issue 14 will include a YoYo Games exclusive where GameMaker users questions are put to CEO Sandy Duncan, this issue is apparently “comming soon” [sic].

2 Replies to “GameMaker Tech: Issue 13”

  • Thanks for your review.

    There will always a ‘few typos’ we try to keep it down to as little as possible. There will be no comics in the next issue, because I have had enough of people not understanding they are a little side part (and also because Bob was on holiday). Also the issue wasn’t rushed, after releasing the sample.

    Thanks again.

  • Not as nice as Issue 12, but the front cover looks awesome!
    I spotted a few typos, which makes me think that this issue’s been rushed to release. I did, though, find some of the articles very interesting and one of them, no doubt, will help me on something I’m doing at the moment. Oh, and I hate to say this, but both comics were a little lacking. Neither really made me laugh. I was grimacing at Bob’s comic, it was that unfunny!
    Can’t wait for the YoYo Games exclusive! 😀 It will surely be very interesting!

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