Exclusive Interview With The Creator Of GameMaker

Today we’re joined by Professor Mark Overmars, the creator of GameMaker. Continue reading for the full interview.

GameMaker Tech 14: YoYo Games Exclusive + Win GameMaker 7 Pro

It’s here – the first magazine to have a YoYo Games exclusive – and it took more than year and a half after they appeared on the scene for anyone to do one. Below is an outline of some of the content, but I expect most people will want to go straight to page 20. Download GMTech 14: from GMT – direct pdf link from SaveFile.com (pdf, adverts)

GMTech: YoYo Games Exclusive Interview

Issue 14 of GameMaker Tech, due to be released at the end of the month, will feature an exclusive interview with YoYo Games. “You know they made YoYoGames.com, and they’re in control of Game Maker development, but do you know what Sandy’s favourite food is. Okay, we won’t be asking that, but in an exclusive interview we’ll be asking YoYo Games the questions YOU want answered. We are proud to be the first GM publication Read more…