GameMaker Tech 14: YoYo Games Exclusive + Win GameMaker 7 Pro

It’s here – the first magazine to have a YoYo Games exclusive – and it took more than year and a half after they appeared on the scene for anyone to do one. Below is an outline of some of the content, but I expect most people will want to go straight to page 20. Download GMTech 14: from GMT – direct pdf link from (pdf, adverts)

YoYo Games – One year on from GameMaker 7

It has been a year since the first (and only) release of Game Maker under YoYo Games Ltd. A year which has seen the rise of, plenty of registration problems and, as is so often the case with Game Maker related matters, a lot of controversy. Timeline of YoYo Games Ltd Oct 15th 2004: YoYo Games Ltd registered as a company Jan 26th 2007: Mark Overmars announces formation of YoYoGames Feb 2nd Read more…

YoYoGames Press Release Jan 21st 2008

I haven’t seen this at the YoYo blog yet, but this is a press release from YoYoGames (January 21st, 2008). Finally we can see what YoYo think of themselves… “10,000 games uploaded in 200 days represents a ground breaking achievement for YoYo Games, a start-up games company which looks set to shake up the booming casual gaming industry with a fresh, innovative approach to games creation, publishing and distribution. The site ( hosts exclusively Read more…

YoYo Accounts Overdue

YOYO GAMES LTD failed to submit its accounts for 2006 to Companies House which were due on 12/11/2006. For those of you who are unaware Companies House is the UK’s official register of companies. And yes, before you ask this is the right YoYo Games.