YoYo Games – One year on from GameMaker 7

yyg.pngIt has been a year since the first (and only) release of Game Maker under YoYo Games Ltd. A year which has seen the rise of, plenty of registration problems and, as is so often the case with Game Maker related matters, a lot of controversy.

Timeline of YoYo Games Ltd

Oct 15th 2004: YoYo Games Ltd registered as a company

Jan 26th 2007: Mark Overmars announces formation of YoYoGames

Feb 2nd 2007: Registration at YoYoGames website starts

Feb 28th 2007: GameMaker version 7 released

April 27th 2007: First public beta of YoYoGames website

Sep 6th 2007: Instant play feature released along with 2nd version of website

Sep 6th 2007: Commitment to “Game Maker 7 for the Mac”

Nov 8th 2007: Winter Competition announced

December 2007: Vote for us” month

Jan 10th 2008: Winter Competition results announced

Jan 21st 2008:
10,000 games, 75,000 developers

Feb 1st 2008: Ancient Civilisation competition announced

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