YoYoGames Press Release Jan 21st 2008

I haven’t seen this at the YoYo blog yet, but this is a press release from YoYoGames (January 21st, 2008).

Finally we can see what YoYo think of themselves…

“10,000 games uploaded in 200 days represents a ground breaking achievement for YoYo Games, a start-up games company which looks set to shake up the booming casual gaming industry with a fresh, innovative approach to games creation, publishing and distribution.

The site ( hosts exclusively user-generated games, community-submitted content with a community based review and ratings system highlighting the very best of these games, and allowing them to rise to the top.

“Since we launched in May last year we’ve been amazed by both the quality and the quantity of games that have been created by the YoYo Games Community.” said Sandy Duncan, CEO of YoYo Games. “We have often been referred to as the ‘YouTube of Games’, and with this incredible volume of content, we’re starting to believe this ourselves!” mused Duncan.

The YoYo Games website is designed to make it easy for game developers to upload, rate, review and share their games with a fast growing community of casual gamers.” What do you think?

“Unique to YoYo Games is the “Game Maker” software, now in its seventh release. “Game Maker has been empowering people, often with no previous programming experience, to create sophisticated casual games since 1999” said Prof. Mark Overmars, the creator of Game Maker and one of the founding members of the YoYo Games team. “Game Maker is undeniably more powerful and flexible than Flash and unlike Flash has been designed from the outset to be an environment that is uniquely purposed for game development.” he added.

In the inaugural Winter game creation competition for the YoYo Games community, the winning game, Frozzd, is a highly original two-dimensional platformer, set amongst frozen and slightly malevolent planetoids. The creator of the charming “Wubbly” universe explored in Frozzd, is Netherlands based developer, Jesse Venbrux, who, at just 20-years-old, worked solo on the project. He wins the top prize of $1,000 and community kudos for his efforts. The runners up list reflects the global nature of YoYo Games user base with fantastic games emanating from Russia, Australia, and the Americas.” Europe?

“”Frozzd is more than just a visual and technical achievement, it’s living proof of the creativity that can be unleashed by the Game Maker community” said Michel Cassius, co-founder of YoYo Games. “More than just games, YoYo Games has created the world’s largest single games developer community with more than 75,000 registered developers from all over the world, ranging in age from under 8 to over 80”, he added.


YoYo Games Ltd is a UK Based Game Start up founded by Game industry veterans, Sandy Duncan and Michel Cassius. YoYo Games launched its beta site in May 2007 and has grown to be the world’s largest user generated game site. Employing a web 2.0 community model (oh heck! not again) YoYo Games allows users to “Play, Make and Share games” for free.

You can visit YYG at”

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t seem to view YYG as a “poor implementation”, mind you a “very poor” one. It is actually a pretty good site that provides an alright service ‘here and there’.

    Are YYG doing their jobs perfectly? Of course not. To the contrary, they are indeed doing many things in a “very poor” way.. but I just feel like this generalization that the ENTIRE implementation of YYG is poor quite wrong.

    The website itself is pretty good. Can it be improved? Yes it can. Tuntis pointed out a lot of good improvements to the site. I acknowledge that’d make it better, but its good already.

    What YYG is doing “very poorly” is communication with the existing community: The GAME MAKER Community (as opposed to the YYG community). YYG cannot communicate effectively with the GMC and they therefore cannot satisfy the GMC effectively. This is a problem. A big problem. But I hate it when generalizations are made that makes people believe that YYG is poorly implemented; it isn’t, only PART of it is.

    I mean, for a new user registering on the YYG site.. most of the concerns you’re speaking of don’t even matter. Chances are, even if YYG loses the GMC, it might meet success for another segment of the Market. Surely that’d increase the risks of failure, just understand that “satisfying the GMC” isn’t the only thing out there, and it actually DOESNT MATTER to 99.9% of the target ‘market’, it only matters to the existing consumers.

    If that makes any sense.

  2. Some heavy pats on the back for themselves, but I don’t see them mentioning any pats on the back from anyone else.

    If YoYo doesn’t get their act right, they’ll loose their funding, and *poof* GameMaker disappears because of YoYo.


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