YoYo doesn’t care about piracy of GameMaker

YoYoGames doesn’t care about the piracy of GameMaker 6.

Perhaps this would be obvious to you. But I must admit I was a bit surprised to find that they appear to have given up all hope of trying to stop the availability of illegal registration codes. Yes, there will always be the stereotypical Russian crack giving websites but the registration code can also be found on more mainstream sites.

I contacted YoYo recently giving them details of cracks posted on some reputable sites, one a video sharing site, the other a notoriously bad web host (no prizes for guessing either of them ). Nine days after I had initially sent my message I received a reply from someone at the YoYo helpdesk stating that they had already identified the URLs in question but it was not a priority.

Quite frankly I am amazed at this. Yes – it will be impossible to stop piracy completely, anyone with half a brain cell should easily be able to search out a crack on Google (unless they have the misfortune to find GameMakerBlog) – but not taking action against these two huge sites is, in my opinion, pathetic.

Thank goodness a new version of the software is out, even with the problems the DRM has been causing at least we can believe (at least) that those of us who have paid to upgrade GameMaker are the only ones able to take advantage of the registered versions extra features.

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  1. Very strange….
    But I can understand the rising demand of Game Maker 6 cracks/cracked keys. Many users are not agreeing with the new registration system and like the old version of Game Maker more. But there is no way to get the registered version of GM 6.1 legally if you don’t already own a key.

    By the way, as you believe only paying users can use GM 7 Pro. I read something about a cracked version of 7 Pro only a few weeks after the release. And that is in fact not very surprising… On the one side this very strong protection which is extremely annoying even for paying users, on the other side a copy protection which has been on the market for quite some time and is used for many other apps, which makes it actually more interesting for crackers.

    Not that I would use such a cracked version or an illegal key, I’ve bought my license key when versio 5.1 was current.

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