Less crack, more ham

No, not the latest anti-drugs message produced in association with the Royal Butchers Association of Great Britain.

Instead, it’s an update on the search terms used to find GameMakerBlog. Previously (see links at end of post) the majority of the top search terms that resulted in someone clicking onto this site from Google were directly related to GameMaker cracks, keygens or activation codes. Now however I am quite pleased to see there is a lot more ham (decent traffic) than there was previously.

Whilst crack lovers have far from gone they now only take up 3 of the top ten positions whereas before they dominated the legitimate searchers. The top three terms are all ham – relating to Stencyl [1 ] [2 ], the ever-present naruto ninja way which continues to generate scary amounts of traffic for YouTube and thirdly the mystery which is “gamemaker tv”. being my out-of date and immensely low quality (honesty is good right?) video tutorial site and also the name used to refer to a number of similar projects (3 others at the last count).

“game maker 7 activation code” is still in their with a staggering 94% of those people returning to the site, presumably after they have slightly altered their search terms in the hope that the magic code will appear.

9 FreeWebs related terms are in there (these are the results for the past 30 days), most of them rather humorously about problems resulting from the service they have had the misfortune to receive with them. And whoever searched for “ download software like gamemaking and graphics making for free” is officially an idiot (let’s hope they don’t come back!).
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