Stencyling around

I have just returned from a short break away to find that several new people have begun commenting on GameMakerBlog, welcome all of you.

I have some news to share with you regarding my registration of the domain name. The inevitable came – I was contacted by Stephen Stencyl’s webmaster and was asked to place some kind of statement of dissociation on the site, which I have done. The obvious reason to do this, as Stephen puts it is to “help dissociate our two individual projects“. Fair enough I suppose, but by adding the extra line to the website which contains the word ‘Stencyl’ multiple times my search position for the term has improved. I’m sure this is not what Stephen wanted. Anyway, Stencyl still sits proudly in top spot and long may it continue.

Another thing which has surprised me is the amount of traffic the domain is receiving. Here is a screenshot from my Google Analytics account showing 79 visits in 10 days and all I did was place the link on GameMakerBlog. The proportion of direct traffic is lower than I thought it might be, however a good number of people searching for ‘Stencyl’ are finding the site as it is currently ranked third in Google for the term. A lot of traffic appears to be coming from the Stencyl forums as well, I can’t find any topic discussing the domain so I can only guess that these are typos…

What do you think?

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