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I bought GameMaker School

Broadcasting to the world a domain name you plan to register isn’t the brightest idea is it?

Not so when I am king of domains starting “GameMaker…” (,,,,,, has been added to my list.

Some of you will probably think this was a harsh move on my half and I’ll admit I do feel a little guilty. I first considered purchasing this domain earlier in the month but opted for others instead.

I believe there is real potential for a good quality Game Maker School, and I’ll admit it, ShadePlay23 has had quite a good go at it with over 150 members and 6,000 posts but his forum does seem to be spreading too much into the “GMC clone” stages. It has certainly been more successful than I thought this attempt would ever be.

I am still not sure that a forum is the best way to go about organising a school, sure there should be a forum for discussion but I can’t help feeling it would be more suitable to use a CMS designed for the purpose, specifically moodle. If anyone is interested there is a rather good moodle course introducing GameMaker by Darren Smith available at, in fact this course is included on my school’s implementation of moodle.

What do you think?

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  1. “I wanted the domain, I just couldn’t afford it.”

    oh no, you couldn’t afford to buy a domain that costs something between 5-9 dollars, depending on the registrar during the 4 months your project was public

    Before going public with your project, you usually buy a domain for it. Obvious fact.

    “Dude, you’re a fucking douche. You aren’t making good use of all of your domains (if any). Give it back to the guy who wanted it.”

    Kinda like how I totally wanted to buy Google, but that evil corporation got it first. I totally want it more! >:(

  2. That was not the point he was trying to put through. When you referenced to his topic, you make it sound like “Oh well, I got it before you because I want to make another project” which makes it seem like you’re playing dirty. Nobody is entitled to anything. I could easily back-order GMBlog, but that doesn’t make it a good idea, does it?

  3. Would it be better to promote Game Maker by talking about it at as many locations as possible or if only you can do that? Is it more convinient to give people the oppertunity to built a website to help Game Maker users or is it better if you claim the domain and add 3 basic videos before you forget about it?

    Personally I am all for the “making information universally available” thingy. While I have the resources to claim lots of domain names and while I might even earn a small bit of money with it I feel it’s far more important to spread the word about the great tool that Game Maker is.

    PS: domain names for are handled by Johannes, not me.

  4. Moodle would be one of the worst ever solutions available. He’s better off writing his own system to give things a custom feel. I still don’t understand though, what gave you the thought of registering the domain… Do you like to throw money away..?

  5. Heh, nice move, not nice at all 😉

    I agree though, Shadeplay’s GM school turned out to be nothing but a clone forum, I thought he’d do better. What we need is a web app which really simulates a school, with a credit system, forums, etc… Oh, and live lessons, say 30 minutes each once a week? ‘t would be nice.

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