Not using a cracked version, honest

The GMC help someone who provides no logical explanation as to why they want to use version Game Maker 6.1 instead of the latest version 7 on Vista. They wouldn’t happen to be using a cracked version of the software would they,….?

It’s $20 people, that’s not much. If you want the pro version of the software buy it. It’s not hard. Is it?

This reminds me of a few other issues, including one member who actually posted in the forum asking for help to crack gamemaker. It also appears that some of Game Maker Blog’s traffic is coming from people who are actively looking for Game Maker 6 cracks – heck, I expect even more of them will come here now because of the keywords in this post.

In the past month just over 25% of visitors to gamemakerblog came from a search engine, and as well as a mysteriously high amount of searches for naruto ninja way, it appears that a lot of people are expecting to find game maker cracks here. Well sorry to disappoint you but there aren’t any here, so if like 7 other people this month you are looking for a ‘game maker 7 activation code’, thanks for stopping by.

What do you think?

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  1. “I was clarifying my argument that GM7 sucks for other readers of these comments.”

    Your argument that “GM7 sucks” was that “some slight bits of code are different, and I am not going to start my game all over because I want to upgrade.”

    I do not use GM myself, but from what I can gather from searching the GMC, I do not see how you “need to start your game all over because you want to upgrade”. GM7 is still fully able to open GM6 projects and only has a few incompatibilities that can be fixed with small effort.

    “I was also insulting you, I consider it two birds with one stone.”

    Only if your insults would work. 😉

    Goodbye, then. I hope you’ll realize that this site is one of the best that there is.

  2. No, No, you misunderstand.

    I was clarifying my argument that GM7 sucks for other readers of these comments.

    I was also insulting you, I consider it two birds with one stone.

    You know what… you are absolutely right… given the options of getting engaged in a flame war or leaving for greener pastures (or greener game maker sites, as it were) I shall choose the latter.

    I just hope those who read this understand that (not all) people who still GM6 are pirates.

  3. I’m sorry,, but it’s rather ironic that your “argument” against me is using “petty insults” when you start calling me “cuntis”. Is that honestly the best you can do when you receive a response to something stupid you said?

    “Are you so quick to turn to verbal violence?”

    No, but apparently you are. You did say “this site is run by noobs” first. That’s a pretty verbally abusive claim, especially when the only “noob” here is you.

    By the way, weren’t you supposed to “leave this site”? What happened to that? Seems like the half-witted always come back!

    How about you leave for good, instead of embarrassing yourself twice? But you can’t – the half-wit always comes back.

  4. Pst… hey cuntis,

    Are we resorting to petty insults already? Is a flame-war starting? Are you so quick to turn to verbal violence?

    For the intelligent readers of this post:
    GM6 is really a lot better than GM7. Some slight bits of code are different, and I am not going to start my game all over because I want to upgrade.

    For those less appreciative of an actual persuasive argument:

  5. “Many people use GM6 either because they are loyal to Mark Overmars, or because they simply think that GM7 sucks.”

    Are you really this stupid or just trolling?

    “This site is obviously run by noobs. I am disgusted with it, and am leaving…. now!”

    Good, we won’t miss your stupidity. And don’t come back!

  6. Many people use GM6 either because they are loyal to Mark Overmars, or because they simply think that GM7 sucks.

    This site is obviously run by noobs. I am disgusted with it, and am leaving…. now!

  7. I bought GM7 pro a couple of months ago. I have to use lite, but my friend says it’s easy to find a crack, so I’m looking for one. If they actually be as responsive as they claim to be, then I won’t use a crack and tell everyone else who paid but cant get it to work how to get one.
    It’s 100% Softwrap’s/yoyogames’ fault, softwrap never replies and yoyogames never makes softwrap do something. It is NOT my fault at all. If i got what I paid for, then I wouldnt have been on this site and I wouldnt have had to wait 2 months to make my game.


  9. I think that Game Maker should be free for people using it for personal/education purposes but for commercial use u should have to purchase a license to sell your game’s/applications… sh!t even Microsoft does take “Visual studio’s ’08” for example anyways i could probably ramble on for ever but I’ve get better things to do…lol

    PS. I found this place through google with

    “keyword then in game maker” prob mainly used for loops?

  10. It’s just that I don’t have a credit card. That’s because the banks here charge you every month for having one (this means extra cost). Secondly, Paypal doesn’t support the country where I live.

    So tell me now, how come I won’t/can’t buy an activation code?

  11. I would buy game maker 7 pro if it was possible, stupid YoYo Games and Softwrap, can’t even help me to buy it, errors appears when I try because of Softwrap’s foult, I’m already waiting for 4 days..

  12. Yeah. It is against the law. People always don’t feel right but guilty. So they buy Game Maker 7. It doesn’t matter, go ahead and use 6.1, but life can suck and rock too. Like, say for example, you just got a Wii today, tommorow they come out with Wii2. How pizzed off would you be? So why crack the code when you can feel so awesome and great with the Professional version. =)

  13. Hi.
    I agree that you should not hack or crack game maker.
    Unless of course you cannot obtain it any other way.
    I for example cannot buy game maker, i dont have a single dollar, nor does my mother since she doesnt have any job.
    She cant work due to an injury, nor can i since im 14 years old.
    I know that hacking or cracking game maker breaks both the law and the EULA.
    I am very sad to say that i do use a hacked exe, and i am not at all proud. I really hope that i some day can buy the complete version to make up for the hack.

  14. I hate Game Maker 7. It’s slower than game maker 6 and has almost no updated capabilities. I don’t see any reason to cut out a lot of people who can use my games just so I don’t get accused of using a hack.

  15. look i hack game maker all thre time so I can use pro free but think they wont clapse because as long there is
    ediots like you who are willing to pay for something rateher then get it yall can be dum and ill be smart and git it free.

    • You are obviously mentally challenged if your willing to waste your time finding a virus free crack AND willing to take the risk of getting caught. Not to mention the fact that Yoyo Games is not a big company and you are stealing from them.

      ALSO. Game maker is a gift from god, it makes game making easy and fun (more than i can say for most commercial software out there). Don’t feel like you have the right to take it just because it’s both easy and a good program. Dumfucks like you make me sick.

      And finally, i bet you didn’t even crack it yourself. Fag.

  16. Some people just do not know how to setup online payment stuff, therefore, that is why people are looking for cracks, also, why not use Google Adsense to get money for Game Maker so we don’t have to pay for a pro version?

  17. Personally, I’m still a GM6 user. And I’m registered there. The reason isn’t because of a crack but because, when I tried to upgrade, my computer crashed gloriously. I don’t really want to repeat the process and I’m happy with GM6 for now. There aren’t any great changes which I want to take advantage of at the moment.

    But…maybe I’ll try again some time. When the next version does, I will.

    And don’t tell me to contact YYG/Softwrap because, like I said, I’m really not too fussed about upgrading anyway. The differences are minute.

  18. I hate people who try to crack GameMaker, like one of my friends, he found a crack for GM7 and he said it was really easy and I got so mad at him, that I went onto his computer and deleted GM7 and the crack, and when he complained to me I said to him “Just buy the damn thing! I did! It’s 20 bucks, thats not even half my paycheck!” and he finally realized I was right and he’s gonna buy GM7 soon. Still though, I think its pretty stupid to crack GM7, even with the registration problems, it’s 20 dollars people! 20 bucks!

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