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Proof that comment links do get clicked, if you ever had any doubts.

A comment appeared earlier today, after being held in moderation, from the gamemaker treehouse – another game maker blog. The treehouse offers a promotional bribe in it latest post, and I thought I’d give it a go. I have been considering trying to exchange links with other gamemaker blogs for a while but to be honest I’ve just never got around to it. Still treehouse’s method also gave me an excuse to finally register with technorati, a website which I frequently use to search for gamemaker related blogs.

Treehouse appears to suffer from, “eek, now I’ve actually got to find content to put on this blog syndrome” something which I can certainly relate to ;). I know this wasn’t a request for a review, but hey, you’ll get a short one for free. Links. Links aren’t links unless they link. If you don’t know what I mean check out the treehouse blog.

A rule I try to remember to follow, and I must admit often fail at, is to look at the site from the users point of view. This is certainly true for the GMA, I know the site isn’t perfect, I know it needs work – and eventually, someday I will get around to it.


What do you think?

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  1. Ok. ^_^

    Hehe, I’ve always wanted to make a magazine, and I think I will one day just for fun, get like a bunch of articles in this order:

    1 Completed Game Review
    1 WIP game Review
    Cage Match Article
    1 Script tutorial article
    1 Example tutorial article
    2 Current Events ariticles
    1 Advertisement page just for fun (It would most likely be a comic :P)
    1 Ending Page

    That would be about 8-10 pages long…hm…not bad for a first I would suppose, hehe, now I’m really interested in making a magazine. 😛

  2. Hey I can relate, I decided to make a blog recently too, of course using Blogspot cause I have no idea how to make a blog, only regular websites, lol. And I know how it feels BIG TIME, but I’ve come up with something that helps a little bit when getting content, I put in an ad in my sig on GMC asking for articles for my site/blog, but an important thing I put was that I willing to take amateur articles, meaning I’ll take an article from pretty much anyone, and I got so far I’ve gotten a guy who added two articles. And hopefully I’ll get more guys. Maybe you should try that, advertising in your sig if you don’t already, but not only that, request articles, even amateur articles, just be sure to make it clear is was not made by you, lol.

  3. I advertise gamemakerblog in my sig at the gmc, both with a button and a self updating feedburner image. I’m not really looking for contributions to the blog since this is in effect my chance to say what I feel (and insult half the GMC at the same time).

    Writing articles is an interesting promotional method, one which I haven’t personally tried – perhaps I will.

    Contributing to magazines such as the MarkUp Game Maker magazine, as I do, is of course a different thing as this is a collaboration of lots of different people’s efforts.

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