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    Dubbing Wrecks Movies

    This is the English-only GMC I’m talking about. If you can read, write and understand English then you’re okay – if not you’re, to put it delicately, screwed. Unless of course you happen to speak German or Dutch and belong to one of the marvellous unofficial foreign language communities such as the German Game Maker […] More

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    Need a DLL or Extension?

    GMtoolbox claims to offer a database of almost every Game Maker DLL and Extension ever released to the GMC. A good clean design, lots of categories, almost 150 DLLs and to top it off a lovely AJAX search at the top of the page. Another great thing is that site is so simple to use […] More

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    Top Game Maker related websites

    I started this as a small personal experiment to track which Game Maker sites were the most popular. Yes, we have Alexa traffic ranks (which many people will tell you are not worth the webspace they are hosted on), but there are also a number of other ranking sites out there. So I compiled data […] More

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    Game Maker Treehouse

    Proof that comment links do get clicked, if you ever had any doubts. A comment appeared earlier today, after being held in moderation, from the gamemaker treehouse – another game maker blog. The treehouse offers a promotional bribe in it latest post, and I thought I’d give it a go. I have been considering trying […] More