Sell Your GM Games

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.

Bad website.

Really, the implementation is shockingly bad – and the fact that the entire process is 0% automated only adds to the mockery. The site “of course will get 30% of your sales for hosting and selling your games“. Of course. “If the game is incomplete or is sloppily done it may get rejected as we try to keep a standard for our site” – submit your made-in-two-minutes games now to improve the standard of the site!

I really don’t want to waste $3 on ‘Burger Quest’ to see if the download is automated. I am about 99% sure that it won’t be.

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  • I know its bad but like I said I’m trying to learn and trying to fix based on your criticism (Whether it was harsh or not). “Real bad site!” should be “Really bad site!” I’m taking down the images which again was my partner and I’m taking down the buy/sell for now until I get some experience. I am going to put up some tutorials (don’t worry on Gm =P) while I’m learning.

  • Compuetwis: Yes, maybe it is up to somebody with real technical experience to make a “sell your GM games” website that obviously won’t make profit if you can’t do it.

  • Compuetwis: You said Zack had bad grammar? “Real bad site!” wheres a typo or a comma missing there? Real bad site meaning your site is poorly designed, unprofessional, and overall not a good idea. You used some Google images for your site which I believe is illegal especially since your making profit. You showed a lack of effort to designing the site, not even a fluid CMS. Anyone with some sense would sell from there own site instead of yours. The only half-way decent thing you did was get a domain for this horrible site.

  • “Real bad site!”
    Real bad grammar!
    I am learning and its buy/sell feature is going down while I “automate” it. But… tutorials are coming up. If you think you can do better than make your own and stop criticizing mine. I’m fixing on your criticism so sit tight and wait.

  • Look I know it’s bad but its been up 5 days. I’m just learning website stuff so bear with me. And Burger Quest… never mind I can’t defend that.

  • I just went to the Burger Quest page = – and, scrolled to the bottom and read this…

    “to submit a reveiw email and he will post them no matter what, as long as they are not racist, homophobic, prejudice, bias, or if they swear.”

    First he says reviews will be added “no matter what” and then he said “as long as…”

    I don’t think the site will get off the ground.

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