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Dubbing Wrecks Movies

This is the English-only GMC I’m talking about.

If you can read, write and understand English then you’re okay – if not you’re, to put it delicately, screwed.

Unless of course you happen to speak German or Dutch and belong to one of the marvellous unofficial foreign language communities such as the German Game Maker Domain and the Dutch Game Maker Community.

I had never really considered this as an issue until I found this post in the Community Section of the GMC earlier today asking if anyone had links to any Spanish GameMaker communities. Fair enough the rules of the forum state that discussion is to be in English only but closing this topic irritated me. A Game Maker user has a genuine question – it was answered with a “no”, but why should the discussion not be allowed to continue – in English. Abandoning those in the world who are not familiar with English serves little purpose. Thankfully those at and the fabulous German Game Maker Domain have seen a gap in the market for providing the native language service which YoYo appears to refuse to offer.

At another totally unrelated forum at which I used to be pretty active there were sub-forums for discussion in as many as 20 different languages and they were popular. English was by far the main language but the existence of Chinese, French, German, Spanish etc language forums made people feel included instead of being shunned and sent away as is the current case at the GMC.

Hopefully if there is enough demand for a forum in a different language some people will get together and make one – but I am disappointed that the GMC reacted so negatively to an innocent and perfectly reasonable question.

And regarding the title? Yes I think that dubbing does wreck movies. Subtitles are much my preferred option.

What do you think?

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  1. If the GMC would allow messages in foreign languages, who would moderate them. I don’t know whether the post in question asks about a Spanish community or tells that all moderators are idiots and if somebody could PM a registration key to him.

    While I feel like giving localized sites attention is great (I help run the Dutch GMC), doing so in every language will become a giant mess.

    On an unrelated self promotion, I am open for offers to run Game in pretty much any language. I am still looking for translators to complete the French version and for any other language, people are free to apply. There should be one easily accessible place to find Game Maker information in just about every possible language.

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