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Clean the World.

I was informed by Grego that today is Blog Action Day. This issue being promoted was the environment so I searched YoYoGames for relevant games, ‘environment’ and ‘recycle’ both returned no results but I did manage to discover “Clean the World“.

A game in which you are a gnome and must clean up rubbish which has been left in a park. A nice green idea, but it doesn’t sound like it is going to be a best seller.

It isn’t a good game. The collision detecting between your character and dogs (which must be avoided) is extremely poor – you die if you come within about a centimeter of the edge of one. The litter you collect at the start of the game does incidentally appear to be dog poop and whilst I won’t draw conclusions between this and the quality of the game… well you see where I am coming from.

Until being clean and green is viewed in a more positive light the world will continue in its slow spiral to doom and gloom, and “Clean the World” certainly hasn’t done anything to alter this.

I think Grego was looking for something on a grander scale, but sitting at home using electronic devices to program or blog isn’t exactly environmentally beneficial. Still all that time spent in front of a computer no doubt results in less carbon emissions as you aren’t travelling.

What do you think?

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