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Site That Sells Games For You

Yet another of these topics has arisen in the distributing games section of the community, topics in which people relatively new to GameMaker come up with the oh-so-unoriginal idea of making a website to sell GameMaker made games.

Their plans are so so well thought through – from the start they know how much commission they will charge and they even let the game creator set the price! However besides this these plans are precisely that: plans. And very basic plans at that, there is rarely much information about how the site would function and ideas are taken entirely from what other members suggest in the topic. As is the case here there appears to be no advantage of using this proposed service to sell your games than there are using PayPal to do sell it yourself. Besides the fact that the site hasn’t been made, and is very unlikely to ever be made based on all the previous topics of a similar nature.

The people that give two seconds thought about creating one of these sites and go ahead and post it on the GMC really don’t think things through. A site with games on it for sale. Where are they going to get visitors from? They don’t just fall out of the air. If they did everyone would be running successful sites like this.

What do you think?

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