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YouTube Trailer – Naruto: Ninja Way

Continuing my investigation my investigation into gamemaker made games that have YouTube trailers I came across Naruto: Ninja Way, a fighting game, released onto the GMC by Geou. The video doesn’t claim to be a trailer, but a demonstration of early A.I in the game.

But hey, there is sound. Trouble is I don’t know which character(s) are the AI and which (if any) are the gamer. The video has attracted 1,000+ views and a number of comments, mostly positive, although it appears I’m not the only one unsure about which characters are the AI.

Thankfully this member included a link back to the relevant topic at the GMC in the video description – something which all trailers should certainly utilise.

What do you think?

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  1. Meh, this game got alot since that ealy AI trailer. I’m actuall spriting a characterto add to it as well..

    P.S. The character that starts on the left is the player.

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