GMKing and GMTV to part company

GMTV logoGameMaker Blog can exclusively reveal that Game Maker TV is to split from Game Maker media group GMKing.  Both of these organisations have been troubled of late with very little emerging from the brands of GMKing this year which include MarkUp, the GMcast podcast, GMTV and the former wiki (now integrated with the YoYo Games website).

When GMTV joined the GMKing network, announced shortly after the release of GMTV episode 4 in July last year, the move was controversial especially with those at GMTech.  Only one episode of GMTV has been released in the nine months since the merger.

Host of GMTV Dan Eggers said “GMTV plans to release 3 mini shows a week“.  After producing just one show in four months this seems far too ambitious.

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