GMTV Episode 5 Released

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GameMaker TV have released their fifth Game Maker video show – the first since their merger with GMKing in July 2008.

This episode includes an interview with Tom Russell who has recently released the fifth editon of his Russell’s Quarterly game development magazine.

In GMTVs ‘face-off’ the winners of two of YoYo Games’ competitions are pitted against each other – Frozzd and Ancient Ants Adventure.   Reviews of Jumer 3 and Senseless War are included as well as the latest Game Maker news and a new ‘Spotlight’ section which takes a look at the top 5 games of the Co-Operation competition.

The hypnotic background and echos are a distraction from what is a good show.   The show has definitely improved since its fourth episode however the addition of cue cards for Danny have meant that he frequently looks away from the camera which appears a little odd.  Sound levels throughout the show are also pretty varied which is irritating.

…with gameplay as addictive as crack” – WTF?

What do you think?

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  1. I SWEAR Eggers is a different person in each episode. Seriously, compare his looks in Issue 4 to this one!

    Anyway, good episode. Couple of hitches, such as the odd cough and slipup in the News section (both could be edited out without too much hassle), there was a small horizontal strip on Dan’s black undershirt that the blue/greenscreen picked up on so you can see the background pattern through it, and also I thought Dan was too far away from the camera in this episode. The content was good, though.

  2. don’t get me wrong, the first day of my recording (just the other week) I took about 40 takes just for the opening intro, and I will probably end up refilming it if I have time.

  3. I am sorry Caniac, I have no fear of retakes maybe you can under stand IF you ever decide to record your show. But nevertheless thanks for the comments hope we fix them in the next episode. I only noticed like a few mess ups not many.

  4. @Nal, yes, he never looks the same, and the cough needs to go. it’s ok for a live broadcast, but not a recorded one. Danny needs to get over his fear of retakes.

    I thought the distance from the camera made a cool effect but if you look closely, the camera was filmed from in front of him, at eye level (approx)
    if he had movevd the camera up some, it would have been really cool. but I will do that in my show so don’t steal my idea. :p

  5. If someone said that my game play was as addictive as crack, I’d be honoured. 🙂

    It was a good episode. I didn’t mind the background so much– it didn’t add or detract anything from the experience for me.

    Also liked the interview. 😉

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