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YoYo Games have managed to make several updates to their blog in the last few weeks, I guess the team got together and decided to put together some New Year Resolutions of getting more updates to the members.

For anyone who wishes to discuss all the things they have announced, however deeply detest using the YYG Glog, here are a few points mentioned by them for you to post about;

Making YYG a bit more personal..@Twitter

Anyways, I thought a few of you might be twitter users ?

If you are you can follow me on twitter under the grand title of @ZanderDuYoYo (bit of a fun thing) created by friend of YoYo called @stoweboyd, who you might also want to follow on Twitter.

Games Upload Delays

We had a problem with the site on Saturday, 17th January and restarted the Applications and the Servers. Unfortunately our restart script didn’t include the Virus Checker, so it stayed hung over the weekend and rather a large queue built up until we spotted this on Monday. Thanks to everyone who sent messages to the Help Desk asking what had happened to their games ! Everything is now running smoothly and the backlog we created is now clear. Thx for your patience !

Competition Update

…we will announce the winners before the end of January. So keep a lookout here on the Glog.

Competition 05 is going to be a bit different. Plan is to allow you more time to compete, but also to have more interesting prizes on offer. This is taking a bit of time to organise, so don’t start sharpening your game design pencils just yet. At the moment I’m targetting an announcement early in March. I’ll let you all know as soon as our plans are finalised.

Game Maker Activation Issues

I’m much happier with our recent help desk performance.  95% of all tickets are now answered within 24 hours, including weekends.  HOWEVER a lot of the problems are with activating (especially re-activating) Game Maker Pro.  We get a bunch of tools from Softwrap, but since they generate the activation codes AND process the payment, then the majority of the issues with activation cannot be solved by us and we end up referring your Help Desk Ticket to them.

What do you think?

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