GameMaker pricing to increase worldwide

Sandy Duncan has announced that as of next week the price of purchasing the pro version of GameMaker 7 will increase. Citing the revaluation of world currencies as the reason why UK customers will see larger increases than the rest of the world Sandy also says that the cost of running YoYo Games is, unsuprisingly, higher than the costs encounter by Mark Overmars.

Though we’re a UK based company, a lot of our internal accounting , development costs and contracts are based in US$ and Euros. Also the price of Game Maker hasn’t changed at all since YoYo Games started spending a LOT of money 2 years ago.

So, if you live in UK and you’re thinking of buying an upgrade to “Pro” OR buying a schools license…do it NOW…the pound has devalued by at least 50% since we last reviewed our pricing …so UK customers will notice our pricelist changes most.

if you buy for schools or personally in the Rest of the World, then there will still be an increase in February, but it’s more in line with our increased cost of running and creating YoYo Games and supporting Game Maker over the last 2 years, but you would still benefit by getting your licenses purchase before next week if that’s possible.

If you are a school and have already received a quotation anywhere in the world we will honour it until end of February.

Sandy Duncan

The current cost of a GameMaker pro licence is $20, €15 ($19.84) or £10 ($14.25) which can be paid for via PayPal in the equivalent of a users local currency.  For example a user in the US can easily choose to pay the GBP price for GameMaker and will end up paying the USD equivalent of £10 to PayPal effectively saving themselves over 25% of the price of the software.  Not sure why we can’t just have one global price point.

Although the new pricing structure has not been revealed Sandy has said that there will “be a voucher code tucked away somewhere that will most likely bring the “new” price down a bit for our dedicated followers“.

It is also unsual that a software company would increase the cost of its product almost a year after its release when no improvements have been released, we would normally expect pricing to remain static or move the other way.

Also strange is the fact that Sandy says many of YoYo’s costs are based in Euros and US Dollars.  The company placed in charge of developing GameMaker, Sumo Digital, is UK based as is the much-slated DRM company Softwrap.

What do you think?

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  2. ESA…you have GOT to be kidding me with that comment. You think them running a website and server space is cheap? They do not run some measly shared $7/month server. They run several dedicated servers, with maintenance and back up. They have many full time employees.

    So many people think YoYo is the bad money hungry company, THEY’RE NOT!!! People that complain about the price increase know nothing about entrepreneurship and running a business.

    And no, it sure as hell should not be open to speculation, it’s their damn company!

  3. “It is also unsual that a software company would increase the cost of its product almost a year after its release when no improvements have been released, we would normally expect pricing to remain static or move the other way.”

    Agreed. I know it’s probably necessary since product prices always go up because of inflation and whatnot, but in the case of software, you expect it to be updated too.

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