New Game Maker price $25

After announcing that the price of Game Maker is due to increase next week Sandy has said that the new cost will be $25, a 5 dollar increase on the current upgrade fee.

However a discount coupon will be placed on the Game Maker Community enabling users to receive a $3 discount on the increased price.

What do you think?

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  1. I was thrilled to find out that GM8 costs 25$, but when I went to the GM site and tried to purchase it says that the price is 39.99$. That is almost double.
    Has there been another price rise? Are there other regional prices other than UK?
    Can I still buy somehow GM8 for 25$?

  2. Uk price is now £20 which is around $30 usd but if they are from the uk like me then I’m sure they are intelegent enough to do what I did and slect to pay $25 usd instead and with the current conversion rate it actually only cost me £16 for the full version (but really thats just paying the same as yanks pay rather than being ripped off for an extra $5 for no reason).

  3. Keeping the price low is a great idea, 25 bucks is great. Look at iTunes, If you keep the price moderate, people will still pay it even if they can get it elsewhere. You can never stop assholes who try and take advantage anyway.

  4. $5 increase? I was expecting like a $15-$20 increase. I like that they are offering a coupon but I don’t think we really need it (It will probably be all over the internet in a few days anyway)

GameMaker pricing to increase worldwide

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