GM Obfuscator

And the decompiler drama continues. This time with a GM Obfuscator, which obviously obfuscates Game Maker files.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t prevent decompilation. But anybody who will decompile your game will have a hard time making sense out of it.

What’s your opinion?

Obfuscator screenshot.

What do you think?

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  1. I support the Gm decompiler and if you got a prob with that too damn bad go f**k urself the gm decompiler saved my ass when i lost the source code to a game i had spent hours on. Dont get me wrong im NOT supporting the ppl who wrongfully steal other ppls sh*t and use it for themselfs like I have the decompler and I don’t use it for that. the real problem is not the decompiler it is the ppl who use it to steal ppls hard work. If these assholes dident exist we wouldnt have suck a problem whith the existance to the gm decompiler

  2. Nate, for real what in the world are you talking about, you make so many random post that don’t make sense (ex: Game Maker Blog, and the Gamemaker TV Forums). Also, whats up with you posting as different people? First your Hardcoregamer then you post as Nateistoraw. Do you have some kind of MPD (Multiple personality disorder )?

  3. I don’t like anyone who is supporting the decompiler, but this is probably one of the first real steps into protecting games. This tool is a lot more useful than all those promises from YoYo Games: YoYo doesn’t do anything to protect against decompilation.

  4. Nate, what the hell are you talking about?

    Anyway I’m glad to see that the GMDecompiler website has been shutdown, so the only way to get the program (that i know of) is to beg someone that has it.

  5. This can surely not be anything but good, it will certainly prevent a lot of people from getting many things from games. It’s biggest downside is that it’s only for GM6, so it won’t actually affect the majority. I also dislike the maker saying he has respect for the person that made the decompiler. But the author should be proud, it’ll be very useful.

  6. Nate are you mental incapable of making a logical statement? This helps when someone DOES decompile your game (using the GM Decompiler) that the code is very hard to understand. Why don’t you read you read before posting, can you read at all? This article clearly says, “Keep in mind that this doesn’t prevent decompilation. But anybody who will decompile your game will have a hard time making sense out of it.” So let me inform you Nate, this is NOT a decompiler. It simply makes your code hard to understand if someone does decompile your game.

  7. I’m in support of this project, I think Shreib did a hell of a job. I’d like to see the obfuscator embraced, supported and expanded. Perhaps, in the future it can then include gm7’s GMK support.

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