YoYo to endorse Obfuscator?

As you may know I am disappointed that YoYo Games have not released a patch to enable users of Game Maker 7 to protect their games from the widely-known-about decompiler. Despite this it looks like they may will endorse the obfuscator project started by GMC member Schreib. “This project is not officially supported by neither YoYoGames or Mark Overmars – yet. As close as today YoYoJim reported to me that this sounds good, and they Read more…

GM Obfuscator

And the decompiler drama continues. This time with a GM Obfuscator, which obviously obfuscates Game Maker files. Keep in mind that this doesn’t prevent decompilation. But anybody who will decompile your game will have a hard time making sense out of it. What’s your opinion?