Theme of third YoYo Games competition announced

It’s Co-Operation.

The competition hasn’t officially been launched, but you know the theme… a strange decision I think.

Plus Jim from YoYo Games has announced that the deadline for the second, ancient civilization, competition will be extended until midnight of Sunday 4th of May (GMT) because of YoYo Games’ downtime. Too bad they didn’t update their own website and countdown timer with the new date.

6 Replies to “Theme of third YoYo Games competition announced”

  • Hey, that’s a good idea. But the problem with that is that some people might have been working on a game for over a year, and then decide to release in that week, as if they had only spent one week on it.

  • I hope that one day they have some sort of competition that lets you do anything you damn well like, but with a time limit (a stricter one than usual, like a week to make something)

  • Actually, that’s a great theme, precisely because it’s a theme that’s based on game play– it’s a theme that provides a springboard for innovative and interesting game play ideas.

    I think the previous themes were pretty lackluster, because those themes were based around mimetic elements– around story elements, setting, and context: around sprites, basically. I could take any platformer, change the sprites to Egyptians, and boom!, I’ve got an entry for the Ancient Civilizations theme.

    But with this theme, I have to actually be creative where it counts– in the game play.

  • I hate the game theme, it’s not a theme. It controls your gameplay to much. I liked the themes they had been doing. They didn’t get in the way of the gameplay.


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