Where is GMTech?

In the past I have often compared the latest magazine releases from MarkUp and GameMakerTech. After Game Maker Magazine issue 3 and MarkUp issue 13 were released in April I was asked by Eyas if I would be making a comparison post. I replied that I would probably not until GameMakerTech released their 12th issue which I believed would be soon.

However it appears that the latest issue of GameMakerTech has been substantially delayed. I believe the original intention was for it to be released before the end of April, but as is so often the case with Game Maker magazines, it wasn’t.

It looks as though we could even see issue 4 of Game Maker Magazine appear first, and if it is I think this is a clear signal that the pairing of MarkUp and GameMakerTech have a real challenger.

I understand many GameMaker users are in or are about to enter exam season but I do wish that we can see at least one magazine release at regular intervals.

What do you think?

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  1. From all of the time, I & I think allot of others think that it should have a lot of quality content, like always.

    But I know that Art takes time and I hope it is.


  2. It may be exam season for many of our staff however in my case For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve had almost full-time work(at a real job) which on average is about 10 and a half hours work each day. It is difficult to do both real work and GMT work at the same time as by the time you get home you don’t have the energy to spend the next few hours on the PC, I’d much rather get some sleep for tomorrow. You may have noticed I have not been online much, so this is why. However work is starting to slow down a bit so I should have some free time to finish and release the issue.


  3. Right now is a major exam period for just about everyone working on GMTech. I believe exams come to an end around mid-June, however it varies for different schools and countries.

    I can’t release Issue 12 until it has been fully checked and updated. So GMTech will be taking a break from making issues for the next few weeks.

    Perhaps if we had more people working on the issues, it would of allow it to be completed quick; I have a learnt a big lesson, it is impossible to keep a team together around this period. Once this has passed GMTech will be live and kicking.

    So look forward to the issue in coming weeks, but for now you have MU, GMM and maybe even gnazine (or however you spell it) to keep you entertained.

    See you all in a bit.

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