First hardcopy GM magazine announced

The Skyfire Insider is the first hardcopy GM magazine (it’s one of those things that you can touch in real life!): instead of reading it at your computer, read it anywhere you want to!

I have already ordered my own copy. I wonder if they ship to Finland with FedEx or a traditional newsletter…

See here for a print copy of MarkUp from July last year

Update: The newsletter will only be delivered to the US and Australia

What do you think?

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  1. Well, I must admit that half of what Broxter is saying is true. We will need funding, from somewhere. Hopefully sales of World in War cash shop items online and commercial versions of the game will help (When its time, of course). Also, we didn’t specify how big it was going to be. Meaning, that to start with, our “Magazine” will be rather small. This will help in shipping costs, as we will only ship to the US, and probably Australia, as we have an Aussie based team member. For now, that’s all I have to say about the matter. Hopefully you will be a lover, not a hater!


  2. To be honest, I think even the first issue of the newsletter will never actually get properly released and delivered to everyone – it’s just too much hard work, and would take a lot of time. Also, personally I wouldn’t pay for a magazine made by amateurs because I wouldn’t expect it to be any good. They would probably have to get money by offering advertising spaces in the newsletter.

  3. I think in some point’s it is a good idea, But in others, a bad one.
    First, The good, It is a good idea because you will always have it, Unlike the Electronic counter part, it may get coruped, deleted or infected by a computer threat.

    But, That doesnt mean that it is a “great” Idea, You could never receive the copy, It could be a scam, The project could stop being made and they never refund you for your money (If it costs money) and If it does and your not paying for it and they are paying for it, They are making something, paying for it then sending it, It may seem quite silly actually, You are paying for something that you have already put alot of hours working on and You don’t get anything in return apart from feedback, which is not what it is all about but yeah, If you are paying for something and getting nothing like money in return, then that is kinda bad for the developers.

    Although, If they have as many readers as, GMT, MU or even GMM, then they would be paying heaps on delivery’s and mailing!!

    But I still think that they will stop production, adventurely.


    (I think that this maybe my longest post on this Blog, ever too)

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