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GM Hacker Challenge

There has been so many attempts at trying to protect your created games. Just when you thought the
‘GM Obfuscator‘ was the answer, uuf6429 has come up with a fresh attempt. The Game Maker Hacker Challenge is basically a public beta testing session. A new version is made, and you hack it and he improves on it.

Rules / Questions
– This is illegal?!
For once it is not, but only for this particular time
– Let’s phone the mods?!
They already know about it and have given consent for the idea.
– Haha! I found the script! (Bummed from the scripts forum)
Yeah right, the original script is different then the one used in GMHC so forget it.
– Huh? This could easily be decompiled, found from memory viewers, outputed from the debug form…
Ok… just prove it.
– Is this really uncrackable?
No, but it requires considerable force to crack (*ahem* uses AES *ahem*).

So if you have any skills in hacking, try you hand at trying to help and save your GM Games.

Quick Questions: What are the chances that a high-quality GM game is made? What are that someone who has the decompiler will want to decompile your game?

What do you think?

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