GMTV – Dead or Alive

After very little word of an Episode 4 from the guys over at GMTV many began to fear that another GM related publication had bitten the dust. Well many people could just be right after the lost of Co-Owner Brad (who also writes here) and musician Sebastian.

Dan announced that Gamemaker TV is on hold and also assured us that an ‘episode will be released I just don’t know when’. If I was the owner and I had no idea when the next episode of my show was going to be released, I will be a little worried. His full announcement read…

As of today three Gamemaker TV staff members quit. Haro the graphics artist had quit over some words I said. Sebastain has quit because of unknown reason. My personal saddest loss is Brad Gamemaker TV’s co-owner all that remains is Me and Tyler. Tyler is doing a tutorial for the episodes from now on (he may quit as well). I am very sad and angry about this, but assure you episode will be released I just don’t know when.

Source: Offical Game Maker TV Website

Although Dan claims he doesn’t know why Sebastian had left, Sebastian made a reply that seemed to be filled with anger towards his ‘ex-boss’…

You didnt appriecate the effort i put into making the music. I spent hours on end creating music for this, then you would say “GET RID OF THIS” or “I DONT LIKE THAT” And i would like to see you create some music. And also Brad dared me to quit.

Source: Offical Game Maker TV Website

The big questions is; Does anyone care that another episode may not be released?

tuntis note:The GMC post has also been locked

9 Replies to “GMTV – Dead or Alive”

  • What did you expect from a group that publicly scapegoat each other, a leader who treats people who help him as employees, and people who get all huffy and start deleting web-pages.

  • Me and Sebastian have returned with some negotiating with Danny. On the other hand, “Haro”, our graphics designer has left for good.

  • Yeah, we go back to the “good idea, terrible implementation” idea, which I pretty much agree with.

    As for the audcast.. who knows!

  • I agree with Leif902 i think that this project(GMTV) needs more mature people working to give a result..

  • I don’t really care if there are no more episodes, it was a good idea, but put into the hands of a kid it wasn’t working very well.

    I think podcasting is a much better form of information distribution, lets get the GMKing audcast back up 😉 (I’ll help)

  • It was an interesting project, different from the traditional magazine at least. Like the gmking podcast, I guess not enough people were interested in becoming involved in these ‘unusual’ projects…

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