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YoYo’s Second Staging

YoYoGames have been working on ‘Staging 2′ of

As I first asked in JuneHow long, I ask you, do you think it will be before YoYo start putting adverts on their site? No adverts at first to soften the blow, and then once everyone has started using them up the ads will go.” Well it appears that time is now. Up goes AdSense, down goes the MarkUp banner and the search bar is moved from the top to a much more sensible place which can only be reached by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Well done YoYo.

Sandy’s “Don’t share this info outside of the Glog.” trick may have worked, but I – for one – would have blogged about this anyway.

Some sensible comments from NakedPaulToast at least:

Your Helpdesk has tickets outstanding for two and a half months, won’t reply to emails, and you’re going to drive hundreds more support requests into the ticket queue.

And gamez93 noticed the absence of the MarkUp image. Oh an Mark has a glog, which genius at YoYo had the misfortune to hit ‘g’ instead of ‘b’ I wonder…..

What do you think?

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  1. why is it, that only after stencyl has shown up that Game Maker is ported to linux.

    What about all of those other topics in the GMC asking it to be ported to C – even after yoyo was founded?

    That was my question on his blog

  2. They put the MarkUp Button backup…

    I don’t know why they bothered putting Google Ads up instead of some other form of advertisement, I don’t know how much money they think they’re going to get from it.


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