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Yes, there is a new design you aren’t going crazy.


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10 Responses to Yes

  1. Robin Monks says:

    This is nice. Feels homey 🙂

  2. Garion says:

    I like this the way it is

  3. gamez93 says:

    Yea, this more feels and looks better, i thought the old design needed to be changed

  4. Phil Gamble says:

    Yes, the old one look like a Mac.
    I will probably remove the stuff in the footer yes.

  5. Rusky says:

    except move the stuff in the footer to a sidebar.

  6. Rusky says:

    the old one looked like a mac desktop. keep this plz.

  7. Grego says:

    Wugh. I much prefered the older one. Change it back! Please!

  8. Sheldon says:

    To be honest I don’t entirely remember what the old design looked like but I do remember enough to know that I liek this one better.
    It looks really great!


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